Age of Conan sets summer release for Coils of Ubah Khan and other dungeons

By Michael Jamias
age of conan coils of ubah khan dungeons summer release

Age of Conan developers said that a slew of new level 80 dungeons just in time for summer gaming.

In his May director's letter, Age of Conan creative director Joel Bylos said that Coils of Ubah Khan will headline this new set of dungeons and is expected to hit Testlive any time now. This will then be followed by the rollout of new Unchained Dungeons, which are pre-80 dungeons that have been redesigned to serve as worthy challenges to max-level 80s. Of course, rewards will also be adjusted accordingly to make it worth the endgame adventurer's time.

After the deluge of new dungeons, the mmorpg developers will then focus on the Palace of Cetriss and a new minigame map. These along with the new tradeskill system likely won't make it to a summer release, especially when the latter requires the tweaking of other related systems in the mmo.

The free rpg is also busy with the implementation of the single server merge and a new event system. The server merge is moving along gingerly, transitioning already to the second phase of combining servers with the same rulesets, and with fingers crossed may be able to be completed by summer. Meanwhile, the new event system is meant to smoothen the activation of events and make it that much easier for GMs to kick off events, which ultimately means more event-related fun for players.


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