Age of Conan News

New Conan Exiles region-lock implemented
One of the joys of playing mmo games is the ability to play with people from across the globe. Of course, such a feature also brings in some distinct issues, such as possible language barriers and having to deal with different time zones. Funcom initially instituted a Conan Exiles region-lock for its servers so that players from the same region, and similar ping, could have the best possible gameplay experience, But gamers are crafty and cunning,...
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Jun 20 2017
Conan Exiles answers of the week
It's refreshing to see an mmo take the time to answer player questions on a regular basis. The latest installment of Conan Exiles Answers of the Week has been posted on Reddit, which features Joel Bylos fielding a wide range of topics. The latest installment features discussion on the upcoming new biome, PvE-friendly activities like agriculture, and the creation of more physique types for role-players.One of the more interesting parts of the ...
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May 29 2017
Dev blog reveals Conan Exiles texturing process
As gamers, we often take it for granted all the hard work and effort that goes into creating the virtual worlds we adventure in. Creating an online world that is stable for gamers to enjoy is difficult enough for the PC, but the task becomes even more complex when the game is being developed for consoles as well. A new blog post goes into details on the arduous process that developers face when completing the Conan Exiles texturing for the in-gam...
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Apr 27 2017
Top five Conan Exiles tips
The world of Conan as created by Robert E. Howard is a harsh and unforgiving one. Funcom originally tackled this setting in their Age of Conan mmo, but they have decided to up the hardcore ante with Conan Exiles, their sandbox survival game. Players are literally dropped into the game's virtual world buck naked and are expected to fight and claw for survival. The first few hours of the game are especially deadly as the player starts off with noth...
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Apr 14 2017
Conan Exiles early access impressions
What is best in life? To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of their women. These words spoken by Arnold Schwarzenegger in the Conan the Barbarian movie have pumped up fans of the muscular barbarian for decades. My friends and I flocked to play Age of Conan when it first launched, and now Funcom is taking Conan into the sandbox survival genre with Conan Exiles. The mmo is currently in early access on Stea...
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Mar 31 2017
Conan Exiles servers reset announced
Exploits in mmo games have long been the bane of developers, and few games have been immune to them. Conan Exiles is still in the early access program on Steam, and the barbaric sandbox mmo was hit recently with a duplication exploit that allowed players to create duplicate building materials and avatar tokens. Funcom has acknowledged this exploit and is fighting it by instituting a Conan Exiles servers reset that will impact the official servers...
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Mar 20 2017
Top five features of Conan Exiles religion system
In most online rpg games, deities and the worship of them just serve as background fluff. Clerics don't do anything to promote their faith as they just serve to dispense healing during combat. Such is not the case with Conan Exiles, the survival sandbox game by Funcom that is in early access and their follow-up to Age of Conan. The Conan Exiles religion system has the worship of the gods as one of the key features of the game, and devout followin...
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Feb 17 2017
Conan Exiles religion system revealed
The gods were in integral part of the Conan mythos, and one of their key features is that they were not of the usual good-versus-evil stereotype found in most fantasy literature. The worship of the gods in the Conan stories was usually a brutal, bloody affair, and it appears that this method of worship is coming to the Conan Exiles mmo. A new blog post details the Conan Exiles gods and the very useful favors that they can give players.When a ...
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Jan 23 2017
Top five worst mmo features
There are a lot of compelling reasons to play an online rpg, such as escaping the drudgery of our daily lives and being able to adventure in fantastic worlds. Developers spend a lot of time crafting innovative and, hopefully, fun features to keep gamers playing, but not all mmo features are created equal. A number of systems that were once considered standard have been jettisoned while others have stood the test of time. We're here to take a look...
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Dec 08 2016
Funcom forum data breach revealed
Online security is becoming a major issue for mmo games. It seems that a new story about hackers stealing user account information comes along every few weeks. Not too long ago, DOTA 2 had two million forum user accounts stolen by hackers. Now it has been revealed that there has been a massive Funcom forum data breach affecting multiple online games. Funcom has sent out a notice to all their players after discovering that their forums had been co...
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Aug 25 2016