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  • Ace Online: ships

    Ace Online: ships
    Choose from one of 4 ships, or gears. The B Gear is a well rounded ship....
    Ace Online: ships

    Ace Online: mission

    Ace Online: mission
    Missions lead to instanced events that pit you up against the AI. Complete these for rewards....
    Ace Online: mission

    Ace Online: attack

    Ace Online: attack
    It is time for the flight simulator. Lock on to targets and shoot missles or machine gun shots at enemy ships. Remember to stay in...
    Ace Online: attack

    Ace Online: resupply

    Ace Online: resupply
    After every dog fight, remember to resupply your Gear. You will need new fuel, weapons, and possibly repairs on your ship....
    Ace Online: resupply

Ace Online Gameplay

Ace Online Gameplay

Ace Online is an mmo space shooter, developed by MasangSoft and published by Suba Games. Ace Online attempts to mix rpg features with the fast pace of shooter games. Characters pilot space ships called gears. The Bygeniou City United or B.C.U is one of the two Ace Online playable factions. They strive to bring unity at any cost and are prepared to step over anyone or anything that stands in their path. The Arlington National Influence (A.N.I) is the rebel faction. Their views are somehow more democratic but, just like the B.C.U, they will use any means to achieve their goals. One of the major reasons for conflict between the two factions is the ATUM Project. This controversial project was abandoned by B.C.U but A.N.I is supporting the ATUM Project.

Ace Online free online rpg has 12 playable characters. Each character has a different name, age, weight, height, background story and specialization. There are female and male character types. All characters have an info sheet. Players will also have to select a space ship. Be careful with the ship choice because is permanent. Ships play a big part in Ace Online. Character stats have a direct impact on ship’s performance. There are 4 ships or gears to choose from. The Brandy Burg (B-Gear) is a hybrid ship that can carry bombs and engage in direct combat. The Anima Mortar (A-Gear) has a canon and is perfect for ground combat. Idle Sniper (I-Gear) is a fast ship and is mostly used for ranged fights. The fourth gear is the Meadow Bugle (M-Gear). It's a support ship that works with all combat ships described above. New characters start in the FreeSKA Mercenary Academy. After reaching level 10, players can choose a faction. Players can skip missions and adventure into the open space right from the start. However, missions are needed to advance, train skills and become a better pilot in this online RPG world.

Ace Online gears must be repaired and refueled from time to time. This can be done in town or while the ship is resting on a supply pad. The inventory is used to hold items but it has a limited capacity. There are several other things that can be done in town other than repairing. Players can buy or sell unwanted items at NPC shops. Skills are acquired from the skill shop. There is a ranking system, viewable on the official website, which lists top players and brigades. Ace Online hosts regular events and tournaments.

By Rachel Rosen

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