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  • 9Dragons: quests

    9Dragons: quests
    Look for the blue ! to find quests. They are not always easy to see on the mini map so keep an eye out....
    9Dragons: quests

    9Dragons: practice

    9Dragons: practice
    In order to master skills, you need to practice. Beat up the punching dummies to learn different weapons....
    9Dragons: practice

    9Dragons: combat

    9Dragons: combat
    Now that we have mastered unarmed combat, let's apply it to a real fight. With a... child?...
    9Dragons: combat

    9Dragons: China

    9Dragons: China
    Here is a look at the world map. 9 Dragons does take place in China....
    9Dragons: China

9Dragons - First Look

9Dragons - First Look

9Dragons is a unique, martial arts themed oriental MMORPG published in North America by GamersFirst. 9Dragons is a free to play MMORPG title. It features a multi-tiered clan and class system, offering a number of unique characteristics.

When you create your character you can edit many of the physical attributes for appearance such as hair color and type, as well as basic facial features. You're then able to select your class from Warrior, Strategist, Chi Kung Artist and Holist. Each class follows a typical MMORPG archetype with the exception of the Holist, which is a multi-skilled class that combines attributes from all MMO archetypes including tanking, DPS and healing. Each class is available at the start of the game but you don't actually get to permanently select your class until level 25. This is also the same time you choose your clan.

There are 2 main factions within the clans, White Clans and Black Clans. Both of these then have 3 sub clans. Each clan has a different alias for the beginning classes and also adds various bonuses and effects to each specific class. The clans are also a heavy focus on the PvP scene including a number of inner clan PvP battles between the 3 sub schools.

Another unique aspect to 9Dragons is the leveling and progression system. Unlike the typical MMO where you level in numerical order, 9Dragons uses a Cheng system. The Cheng level represents your characters overall level but there are 12 levels per Cheng. Each level within a Cheng level offers a unique title such as "Cheng 12 of Losing Self". Players are able to progress through each total Cheng level by fighting monsters and completing any of the hundreds of available quests and missions. In total, there are 18 Chengs available, all with 12 levels of inner Cheng. This means that players can progress through the game to reach a maximum level of 216, one of the highest in MMORPG history. 

By Rachel Rosen

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