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  • 9 dragons: skills

    9 dragons: skills
    Many skills options allows for unique class builds....
    9 dragons: skills

    9 dragons: Graphics

    9 dragons: Graphics
    graphics are low end but has many nice environments....
    9 dragons: Graphics

    9 dragons: combat

    9 dragons: combat
    Combat its smooth and fun....
    9 dragons: combat

    9 dragons: customization

    9 dragons: customization
    Character customization is very limited....
    9 dragons: customization

9 Dragons Gameplay First Look - HD

9 Dragons Gameplay First Look - HD

9 dragons is a Chinese themed free online RPG developed by JoongWon Games and published by Games Campus. Adventures take place during a time frame known as the Ming Dynasty, a real historical period that lasted for almost 300 years. 9 dragons maps and landscapes are designed after realistic geographic locations from those times. Players can travel along the Great Wall of China and visit the Shaolin Monastery. NPCs that enrich the story and provide numerous services are found all over the world. Among all sorts of vendors, innkeepers, doctors or blacksmiths the Kung Fu trainers are the most important NPCs. 9 dragons is a martial arts game so mastering combat is an essential feature.

One of the most unique 9 dragons features is character development. The path to becoming the ultimate Kung Fu fighter will take Vagabonds (that’s how starting 9 dragons players are called) through the entire world as they visit trainers to learn the secrets of meditation and combat moves. Sifus are the first trainers players will encounter but they can only teach basic moves. Clan masters are the advanced trainers. Picking a 9 dragons clan is just like choosing a MMORPG class. There are 6 starting clan choices: Sacred Flower, Shaolin, Heavenly Demon, Brotherhood of Thieves, Wu Tang Clan and League of Beggars. Black Dragons, Disciples of Iron Fist and the Union of Noble Families accept only advanced students so this is a choice for high level players. Each 9 dragons clan has its own play style. Gameplay fairness is ensured by implementing clan specific strengths and weaknesses. Being a trainee is fun but players must keep in mind that they also need to find a way to support themselves and the clan. The best way to make profit is to have a Stand and sell items to other players. Clan donations are rewarded with clan contribution points that are used as currency when learning new abilities. Players climb the clan hierarchy as their training progresses, there are many choices that allow them to build characters with unique play styles and roles.

PvE and PvP servers offer players the possibility to focus on AI challenges or PK (player killing) fights. Both types of content are available on all servers but PK rules differ on PvP worlds. 9 dragons is one of the games that severely punishes players for dying. No matter if it’s a PvP or PvE death, players may lose karma, reputation or experience. Luckily there are healer class types that have the ability to restore HP and prevent players from losing their entire health. 9 dragons is considered one of the best MMORPG titles where players can experience the life of a Kung Fu fighter in pre medieval China.

By Rachel Rosen



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