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  • 4Story: Quests

    4Story: Quests
    The quest interface should be easy enough to figure out. Here is our first quest in the tutorial....
    4Story: Quests

    4Story: level up

    4Story: level up
    Remember to equip and level up your skills. In the tutorial, your character is maxed so you already unlocked everything....
    4Story: level up

    4Story: interaction

    4Story: interaction
    Interacting with bags and NPCs takes a second to figure out. Click on your target and then select the right choice. In this case, ...
    4Story: interaction

    4Story: spell

    4Story: spell
    Area effect spells make groups of monsters fairly easy to deal with....
    4Story: spell

4Story - First Look

4Story - First Look

4Story is a free to play and download MMO RPG game that hosts some of the most vicious PvP systems ever to grace an MMO game. As well as featuring intense PvP systems and in-depth mechanics, 4Story also includes many other aspects that would appeal to MMO fans such as an extensive item system, a great number of guild and social features, and enough quests to keep even the most hardcore MMO gamers interested.

The most notable PvP feature in 4Story is the Territory Wars. After choosing your side to represent in war, you must fight to the death to earn the right for your side to explore the various regions of Iveria. At a predefined time of day the Territory Wars begin, with players being called in from every corner of the world. Every region in Iveria is host to a number of exclusive quests, dangerously vicious monsters and hidden treasures even a king would be grateful of finding.  If you want the opportunity to fight with these beasts, attempt the difficult quests, or plunder the dungeons for their treasures, you must first claim victory over your opponents in Territory Wars. As teams can be as large as 48 members, they need a leader. A commander can be assigned which unlocks a number of RTS style features. The commander is able to view the map from a BEV, giving him total control over the area his troops are in. 4Story commanders can also send out orders to their troops, moving the defensive line, attempting flanking manoeuvres or hiding troops in preparation of a sneaky ambush. This advanced PvP system gives every player in the game-world incentive to take part, creating highly populated intense PvP battles, making 4Story one of the most viciously entertaining PvP games available.
4Story also includes epic customization options for weapons. You can discover various legendary items scattered across the game world, ranging from Rank F to the ever illusive Rank SSS. Each weapon has its own appearance and a unique set of stats, some legendary weapons even carry bonus effects. These bonus effects can be transferred onto your own custom weapon; this allows players to constantly improve their favourite weapons by searching for better effects and other legendary items.

There are even better features available in 4Story such as an extensive guild and ally system, a large number of mountable pets and hundreds of variations of quests.

By Rachel Rosen


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