WildStar Gamer Has Plastic Surgery to Become Aurin to Please Husband

By Jeff Francis


Gamer gets plastic surgery to resemble WildStar Aurin

There's been a long history of mixing characteristics of animals with human forms, especially in Japanese anime and magna. In such mediums, it's called moe anthropomorphism and can be seen in characters like catgirls, young women who have a few characteristics of cats, such as a tail or ears. This use of anthropomorphism has spread to the world of mmo games, especially ones based upon anime series. Now it seems that one female gamer has decided to take this depiction one step further by having plastic surgery in order to resemble a WildStar Aurin.

WildStar Aurin

The Aurin are a race in the WildStar mmo that have some animal characteristics, notably the ears, and are extremely popular among the game's players. The most common ear type found in the mmo are long bunny ears, but ears from another animal races are possible as well. The gamer in question, Amanda Wigstorm, says that she enjoys playing as an Aurin in the game and that her husband constantly remarks on how beautiful her character is. In fact, her husband has become so enamored with her Aurin character that she's decided to have plastic surgery so that she can more closely resemble her onscreen avatar.

A large number of mmo gamers and medical professionals are decrying her attempt to look like a WildStar Aurin character. One surgeon has remarked that drastically changing your body to fit some fantasy image is unhealthy. However, Mrs. Wigstorm is undeterred and said that she's going ahead with the surgery. Her husband is supporting her decision, saying "She'll look so hot once the work is done and she's healed up. I can't wait!" Work will be done on the eyes to pull skin back to make them appear larger, her cheekbones will be sculpted to make them sharper, and her chin shaved to make it more pointed. It's unclear if she is going to have artificial bunny ears implanted into her skull or if she'll wear cosmetic ones. Again, licensed psychologists and plastic surgeons are saying that such surgery to resemble a cartoon character is not a wise choice, but it appears that there's little that anybody can do if she's determined to go through with the surgery.

If you could have work done to resemble your favorite in-game character, what would it be?


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