Tribbles Responsible for Pandemic Outbreak in Star Trek Online

By Jeff Francis


Star Trek Online tribbles cause pandemic

The quadrants of the Star Trek Online mmo are being devastated by a new plague that has sickened countless millions across a wide variety of planets. It seems that almost no race is immune from this outbreak, which has claimed thousands of lives so far. Through the tireless work of medical personnel, the Star Trek Online pandemic has been traced to the most unlikeliest of sources, the cute and cuddly tribble.

Star Trek Online tribbles

Doctor Leonard Rand, head of the Federation Task Force on Infectious Diseases, says that Star Trek Online tribbles are the carrier of the viral outbreak. He states, "While most people look at a tribble and think, 'how cute!', the reality is that they are dirty, filthy animals that carry disease from one space station to another. Complicating the issue is that they breed like crazy, so stamping them out entirely has proven extremely difficult. Another problem is that the average person does not consider tribbles to be a threat, but that's exactly what they are."

The Star Trek Online pandemic has been reported in Federation, Orion, and Romulan space. It seems that only Klingons have proven immune to this outbreak within the mmorpg. Klingon Ambassador Kan'Toth has told Federation officials that tribbles have posed no problem for his people because they kill them outright. He says, "Tribbles are disgusting creatures, and their high-pitched squealing when in close proximity to mighty Klingon warriors is incredibly irritating and unpleasant. Every Klingon warship has an officer dedicated to the destruction of these vermin as they so rightly deserve. Why, they don't even taste good, so they're absolutely good for nothing!"

All citizens are asked to report any tribble sightings and to stay away from them in order to not get infected.


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