Skyforge Million Dollar Founder's Pack Includes Marriage Proposal

By Jeff Francis


Skyforge founder's pack includes marriage

Founder's packs have been a permanent fixture in mmo games over the last couple of years. Gamers are willing to part with some cash in order to gain some virtual goodies, such as boosts and access to certain classes. The biggest draw for such packs is the ability to take full part in the game's closed and open betas. The price for founder's packs vary with the game and with what they include. The higher the price, the better the swag that they contain. The most extravagant founder's packs feature artwork such as statues or limited edition figures. All those packs have been blown away by the new Skyforge founder's pack that costs a cool million dollars but comes with a real life marriage proposal.

Skyforge marriage proposal

Yes, you read that right. A lucky (and rich!) gamer can have their very own Skyforge marriage by picking up the Passion of the Gods Mega Ultimate Edition pack from the game's website. The pack comes with a host of goodies, such as a ton of exclusive costumes, every single class that will ever be released, a number of exclusive mounts (with the addition that every mount released in the future will also be the player's), and a ton of argents every month for the player to spend in the game's cash shop. Of course, the biggest feature is the marriage proposal that comes with it.

A number of executives, developers, and office personnel have agreed to accept a marriage proposal from the individual who purchases the million dollar Skyforge founder's pack. As Rene Villosa, Vice-President of Promotions, says, "The goal of every Skyforge player is to become a god, but who says that they need to make such a journey alone? We are proud to be the first mmo to offer the opportunity of real life romance with just a simple purchase. Everyone working to create Skyforge is incredibly passionate about the project, and it makes perfect sense to share that passion with a player who is willing to ante up to help the game succeed. We have plenty of both male and female applicants who are eager to leap into matrimony, so any potential buyer of our founder's pack will have a large pool to choose from to make that perfect match."

Naturally, the news of the million dollar Skyforge founder's pack, with its attendant marriage proposal, has drawn the ire of quite a few individuals. A number of investigations have opened up to see if such a stunt is legal and if those participating are willing or have been coerced. They say money can't buy love, but Skyforge is looking to prove them wrong.


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