Wolverine Ragequits Marvel Heroes 2015 Over Smoking Ban

By Jeff Francis


Wolverine ragequits Marvel Heroes 2015

One of the central features of being a superhero is individuality. What motivates a superhero can vary as wildly as how they got their super powers. It's this friction of distinct individuals that makes the team dynamic so fascinating. Some superheroes are loners that chafe at the restrictions of modern life, and the increasing regulation of how people behave is causing additional issues, even in the world of mmo games. A number of online games have decided to do more to promote good health, and one such method is by banning smoking within the games. While some have applauded such a move, others have not been receptive to this idea. Case in point is when Marvel Heroes 2015's Wolverine ragequit the game after being told that he could no longer smoke his cherished cigars.

Marvel Heroes 2015 Wolverine

Gazillion had recently decided to adopt this no smoking policy for Marvel Heroes 2015. Their rationale is that superheroes are role models for young children, and, as such, they should promote a healthy lifestyle that does not include smoking at all. When this edict was handed down during the latest staff meeting, Wolverine became extremely irate and slashed the memo into confetti using his adamantium claws.

Wolverine then decided to light up a Cuban cigar in defiance of the new policy for Marvel Heroes 2015. He said, "Nobody is going to tell me what I can or cannot do. If they want everybody to be a good little boy scout, then they should just clone Captain America and be done with it. They can stuff their new no smoking policy up Toad's rear end for all I care. I don't see them banning the Hulk for bombarding himself with gamma rays. In the scheme of things, that does not promote a 'healthy lifestyle.' If I can't light up and enjoy a fine cigar after smashing a horde of Hydra operatives or Sentinels, then I'm out of here!" As he ragequit the mmo, he caused quite a bit of damage on his way out, slashing walls, furniture, and artwork. When Cyclops told him to calm down, Wolverine responded by putting his cigar out on Cyclops' visor. So far, there has been no official response from Marvel Heroes 2015 for Wolverine ragequitting.


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