Man Quits Job to Play New EverQuest Progression Server

By Jeff Francis


Man quits job to play EverQuest progression server

Old school gamers salivate at the mere thought of returning to those glory days of yesteryear. Most old time EverQuest players have already circled the date of May 20th on their calendars as that's the day that the online rpg is returning to its roots. One rabid fan has gone so far as to quit his job so he can focus his commitment on playing nonstop on the EverQuest progression server that goes live on that fateful day.

EverQuest progression server

The EverQuest player in question is Jonathan Winterspoon, and he is definitely looking forward to the launch of the progression server. In a forum post, he wrote, "Once again the old guard of original gamers will venture into Norrath to have marvelous adventures. I'm so excited that the true version of EverQuest will once again be fully playable and supported. Like many of you, playing the game back then was the highlight of my life, and I can't begin to wait spawn-camping next to you for that rare creature to appear. No other part of my life has even come close to bringing me the joy and excitement than those halcyon days where my guild mates and I roamed the lands in search of adventure. Now I can relive those days again!"

Needless to say, not every person is supportive of this player's desire to dive into the EverQuest progression server. One such person is Mr. Winterspoon's wife, who has not taken kindly to hearing that their marriage and the birth of their three children pale in comparison to his playing in a virtual world. Not to mention that he quit a six-figure salary job in order to sit home and play online all day and night. One wonders if the creation of the EverQuest progression server will add yet another divorce to the game's statistics.


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