Horde Leader Abdicates Throne and Ushers in Elections

By Jeff Francis


Horde leader abdicates and ushers in World of Warcraft elections

Americans will go to the polls tomorrow to elect representatives into positions of power. It seems that this election fever has spread, not only throughout the country, but even across World of Warcraft itself. In a stunning development, the powerful Warchief Vol'jin has decided to abdicate his throne and give up his rule over the Horde. His purpose in doing so is to cease the factional infighting that has plagued the Horde for centuries and to allow every denizen of the mmorpg, specifically the Horde as the Alliance are not eligible to vote, to have a say in who will lead them. In short, this will mark the first ever World of Warcraft elections that will take place.

World of Warcraft Vol'jin

Vol'jin plans on start campaigning in just a few weeks while details of how the Horde elections will be conducted are hammered out. Critics have pointed out that this is a bad time to change how the basic government of the Horde is constructed due to the ongoing Iron Horde crisis. The fate of the World of Warcraft universe may rest upon the actions taken in the near future, but Vol'jin discounts such fears. He states, "It would be unfair for us to fight against the tyranny of the Iron Horde without addressing the lack of individual freedom of our own people. There is no more basic right than that of self-determination, and I feel strongly that each member of the Horde, whether they be troll, undead, orc, or tauren, should have their voices heard."

The fact that there will be a Horde election has sent shockwaves across Azeroth. It seems that every town, city, and village in the mmo is abuzz over this unparalleled development. There have even been some talk of the Alliance having elections of their own, but King Varian Wrynn has so far discounted such talk. If Vol'jin actually pulls off the first ever World of Warcraft elections, this would put incredible pressure upon the Alliance to do the same. The Alliance prides itself on its nobility and honor, so how could it deny its citizens the same rights as those exercised by the Horde? We will keep you posted on how these elections will pan out.


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