Blizzard to Release Hearthstone Goldshire Expansion

By Jeff Francis


Hearthstone Goldshire expansion announced

One of the more compelling aspects of the Hearthstone mmo is the lore that is drawn from World of Warcraft. Key characters and locations from the venerable online game have been introduced to a new audience, albeit in card form. Gamers can delve into the depths of Blackrock Mountain or venture into Naxxramas, and now another iconic World of Warcraft locale is being introduced in the upcoming Hearthstone Goldshire expansion.

Hearthstone Goldshire

That's right, everybody's favorite starting area is coming to the digital card game. All of your favorite NPCs and locations in Goldshire will now be playable in Hearthstone. Players will be able to partake of adventures while hanging out in the Lion's Pride Inn. The denizens of Goldshire will make excellent additions to any player's deck, whether they're Barkeep Dobbins or Brother Wilhelm, the paladin trainer. Some of the more interesting, and annoying to your opponents, cards are the dreaded dancing naked PC characters. There is even a rumor that the boys of South Park will become part of the expansion as the infamous WoW episode featured Goldshire.

Jonathan Tugman, Card Content Producer, says, "The Hearthstone Goldshire expansion brings the excitement and intrigue of that settlement into the digital card game. There is plenty of danger and excitement in this latest card set, featuring local foes such as bandits, spiders, and murlocs, as well as town notables such as Remy 'Two Times' and Innkeeper Farley. Our goal is to capture that initial rush and thrill of adventure that awaited players when they first ventured into Goldshire."

There has been no official release date set for the Hearthstone Goldshire expansion. Some sources have cited that the developers are still wrestling with the mechanics of the Kill Ten Rats card. There's no word on whether the seamier side of Goldshire will be part of the expansion for the free mmo.


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