Game of the Year label renamed Lame of the Year

By Iron Woman


Nonsense meme

GotY went from being a title awarded by different websites to a deserving game to something that is awarded to nearly every game that pops out. Since the label doesn’t mean anything anymore, it has been ironically renamed “Lame of the Year”.

Watch a funny take on the topic by videogamedunkey:

Now that GotY became LotY, we should think of another term for the greatest games. Ok, then:

                                    1. HotY (H stands for hardcore-game)
                                    2. pwn/pwnd
                                    3. Wartune

“Wartune” can’t be a label, just stop raging, but it’s still an honest name proposition, so deal with it if you don’t like it. Or you know what? Share with us your brilliant suggestions!

+ Bonus:

GotY meme



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