Elite: Dangerous Players Attacked by TIE Fighters

By Jeff Francis


Tie Fighters attack Elite: Dangerous player

The universe of Elite: Dangerous is filled with both intriguing possibilities and potential risks. One such player of the virtual worlds mmo recently came across an unexpected foe while making a cargo run. The player's ship was interdicted, and he assumed that some other players were attempting to hijack his cargo. He was totally surprised when he saw his attackers and realized that, somehow, there were Tie Fighters in Elite: Dangerous.

Elite: Dangerous Tie Fighters

In a forum post, the player described the Elite: Dangerous Tie Fighters attack by saying, "I really wish I have video of this encounter. I was preparing to defend myself, thinking that some gankers were trying to steal my cargo or mess with my ship, when a horde of Tie Fighters straight out of Star Wars swarmed my ship and started lighting me up. I was so stunned that I just sat there in shock for a few moments, and, by then, the damage was done. My ship exploded and who knows where those damn Tie Fighters went. Back at the station, I started talking about the attack, but nobody believed me."

So far, only one other gamer has come forward who has seen these Elite: Dangerous Tie Fighters. The developer of the virtual world mmo has been quiet about these reports so far. Have they entered into an agreement with Lucasfilm? This seems unlikely as BioWare has an mmo license with Star Wars: The Old Republic. There has been some speculation that this may be some sort of stealth or viral advertising for the upcoming Star Wars movie coming out this December. No matter what the reason, starship captains should keep an eye open for these imperial marauders.


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