Retcon of DC Universe Online Angers Players

By Jeff Francis


DC Universe Online retcon angers players

Superhero-themed mmo games take a lot of cues from their comic book source material. Players get to fight against crime while sporting a colorful costume. Secret lairs, arch-villains, cosmic powers, and other comic book tropes are part of the online gaming experience as the player suits up in their virtual tights. However, one particular facet of comic books is making an unwelcome appearance that is causing unrest amongst gamers as news has come out that there's a DC Universe Online retcon coming soon.

DC Universe Online Superman

There are few things that can simultaneously put both fear and hope into a comic fan's heart than hearing that a retcon is on the way to their favorite comic universe. While such instances are done to supposedly tidy up continuity, the results tend to be far, far messier. Speaking of the upcoming DC Universe Online retcon, developer Bruce Kent said, "All of us at Daybreak Game Company are excited to usher in a new era for DCUO. Just like Crisis on Infinite Earths, Zero Hour, Infinite Crisis, and 52 streamlined the universe of DC comics once and for all, the upcoming DCUO retcon will do the same for our online game. We're calling this special event 'Infinite Beginnings,' and it will usher in a slew of changes to every facet of the game."

It seems that Daybreak isn't kidding about those massive changes. The DC Universe Online retcon is set to change everything about the mmo. Costume pieces are getting overhauled, powers are being totally reworked from the ground up, the abilities of raid bosses and henchmen alike are being altered, and the many quests are getting redone to accommodate this new reality for the mmorpg. So far, the reaction from the players has been extremely negative. One forum user posted, "I've spent years playing the perfect build and now you're throwing all that away? The uber gear that I've grinded for is getting revamped and may become junk or not fit in with whatever new build I have to create? This is utter madness!" So far, the angry pleas from frustrated gamers have fallen on deaf ears as Daybreak maintains that the DCUO retcon is a go and that players will be happy with the changes once they're implemented.


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