Defender Goes Villain in Champions Online

By Jeff Francis


Defender turns villain in Champions Online

The citizens of the Champions Online mmorpg are quite accustomed to seeing costumed supervillains running around causing mischief and mayhem. They rest secure in the knowledge that their local police and the many superheroes that fight for justice will protect them. However, shock and dismay is running rampant as news has broken that Champions Online's Defender has turned villain. Once considered the greatest of heroes, and leader of The Champions, Defender's turn to the dark side has led to speculation over whether he's truly gone evil or is under the thrall of some insidious mind control.

Champions Online Defender

Twilight Justice, one of the superheroes located in Millennium City, offered an eyewitness testimonial to the dark change in the greatest hero of Champions Online. She states, "I was doing my normal midday patrol when I heard of an alert concerning a bank robbery in progress. I rushed to the bank and went inside to render what aid I could and free any potential hostages. When I entered the bank's vault, I breathed a sigh of relief as I saw Defender standing there. That relief turned to confusion as I saw him tear open a wall of safe deposit boxes and began bagging the contents. When I asked him what he was doing, he knocked me out with a single punch. I still can't believe it. Defender is the inspiration for why I took up the cowl and cape. Why is he doing this?"

These sentiments have been expressed by many in the law enforcement and superhero communities. As the days have passed, more crimes committed by Defender have been reported across the breadth of the online rpg. He's broken into a lab to steal vital machinery, stolen an entire armored truck, and robbed the art museum in Millennium City of priceless antiquities. So far, The Champions have been quiet over Defender turning villain, but it has been reported that they've been scouring the city. So far, there are no answers as to why the erstwhile Defender has gone rogue. We can only hope that some outside force is causing this, but such a situation also points as to another new danger that the denizens of Champions Online will have to face.


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