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Tap Titans Gameplay First Look - Android - HD

Tap Titans Gameplay First Look - Android - HD

Tap Titans is an action Android game developed and published by Game Hive. It's a fun game that pits players against terrible creatures named titans. Users are called to take up arms and make the last stand against titans. Weapons and trusty battle companions will help players defeat the mighty titans and banish them from the game world once and for all. Tap Titans has many fun activities. Fast paced combat, countless foes, a generous hero roster and extremely nice graphics are just some of the addictive features that will make players immerse themselves in this whimsical fantasy game world.

Tap Titans is one of the most popular iOS games, multiple publications gave it positive reviews and the playerbase keeps getting bigger and bigger each month. The game offers compelling social interaction features such as tournaments. Mechanics and controls are uncomplicated so players can jump right into to titan slaying action. All commands are easily performed with screen taps. Tap Titans players can summon heroes with unique powers to aid them in the battle against the titans. The game features at least 30 different heroes that can be trained to fight even when the user is offline. There are multiple combat techniques and abilities that can be used in combat. Players switch their fighting style on the fly with quick easy taps. Artifacts are special items used to upgrade gear and combat powers. Like all Tap Titans systems, artifacts are easily activated just by tapping. The combat feature presents players with two options: fast paced battles or tactical encounters. It's up to players to decide which way they want to get rid of the titans. This is a great system because it allows players to make the most out of their Tap Titans sessions even when they have limited gaming time. Strategical encounters are also fun but require more time.

PvE content features more that 60 one of a kind battles against titans. Tap Titans has thousands of levels that allow players to strengthen their heroes. The game world is organized in 10 different regions each one featuring distinct graphics style and challenges. Dungeons are part of the gameplay as well. Like all mobile MMORPG titles, Tap Titans gives players the chance to battle each other for prestige. Best PvP players are invited to take part in tournaments and contests. Winners get significant rewards. New content is being added on regular basis so players always have new fun activities. Tap Titans is a free app that works on modern Android systems.

By Rachel Rosen

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