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Super Pirates is a strategy iOS game developed and published by XiaoBing Zeng. It's a fun casual game that gives players the chance to live the life of a pirate. Social interaction is an important game aspect. Players can help each other in their quest to become the famous King of Pirates. Super Pirates is in no way connected with One Piece anime but players will recognize game characters borrowed from the popular manga. Brook, Mutton Shot, Ace and many other beloved characters make an appearance in this pirate themed game. As leaders of a crew of pirates players will go on adventures, discover the Super Pirates story through quests and make friends with other users.

The main gameplay feature requires players to put together and manage a team of pirates. Each pirate is a unique character with special abilities and powers. Super Pirates has more than 500 distinct skills that can be used on the battlefield. Each companion or crew mate has a set of attributes such as HP, attack, defense or will. All these stats can be increased when gaining a new level or by wearing special pieces of armor and accessories. Based on quality there are five types of available equipment. Super Pirates has a system that allows players to enhance gear. New armors and accessories are obtained when completing adventures. When taking part in adventures, players consume resources such as stamina and energy. Resting and eating special foods are two ways to recover lost energy and stamina. Pirate crews receive experience when successfully completing activities and events. This experience counts towards general team level. Crew mate and equipment level depend on overall team level. Super Pirates mobile game PvP system rewards players with tons of useful items and with honor. Those who accomplish great deeds are given special titles to show off their skills and dedication. PvE missions challenge players with interesting activities that will keep pirate leaders entertained for a long time.

Players interested in giving Super Pirates a try should head out to the official iTunes website where they will find it among other iPad games that are also free to play. The game is available for Android too but under the name All Blue. Super Pirates uses diamonds as premium currency that can be exchanged for various bonuses or boosts. Beli is in game currency obtained from taking part in PvE and PvP activities. This currency is just as important as Diamonds because equipment enhancing costs Beli and some skills are bought with Beli as well. Super Pirates features super easy controls, players interact with the game just by tapping or swiping.

By Rachel Rosen

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