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Sugar Smash: Book of Life is a puzzle Android game developed and published by SGN. The company specializes in the creation and distribution of cross platform mobile games that bring users together. Besides Sugar Smash: Book of Life, SGN is also known for other puzzle titles such as Panda Jam or Cookie Jam. Tile matching games have become so popular because of the simple but addictive gameplay. The goal is to match candies and other deliciously looking sugary delights. Joaquin, Manolo and Maria are three long time friends that need players help. They must gather a huge selection of sweets in preparation for a great party. The task proves to be quite difficult as players will journey across the game world in search for the right desserts. Land of the Remembered charms players with its colorful landscape. Land of the Living is a magical realm. These are just two of the many Sugar Smash: Book of Life areas.

The game is based on Book of Life, a beloved animated movie. Personalities like Ron Perlman, Channing Tatum, Ice Cube, Diego Luna, Zoe Saldana and Christina Applegate borrowed their voices to Sugar Smash: Book of Life characters. The game features more than 90 levels. Each level has a themed landscape that is also borrowed from the movie. Sugar Smash: Book of Life higher levels can be pretty challenging so developers implemented all sorts of helpful features such as powerups. Pinata Bombs or Chuy Charge are special items that will help players clear even the most difficult levels. Sugar Smash: Book of Life offers MMO social interaction and allows players to help each other by connecting their Facebook accounts with the game. Those who choose to interact have the option to send lives or gifts to their buddies. Sugar Smash: Book of Life is being updated on regular bases. The gameplay is enriched with more levels and unique challenges.

Sugar Smash: Book of Life is one of the free iOS games that offer premium options. Players that wish to acquire helpful items and to support the game can buy all sorts of items in exchange for real money. One nice system is that the feature that enables in app purchases can be deactivated. This is useful for those who prefer to play as free users and also for parents that allow their kids to enjoy the game on their smartphones or tablets. Players are given the option to interact with each other via Facebook. Users can share their accomplishments and invite their friends to try Sugar Smash: Book of Life.

By Rachel Rosen

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