Pokemon Go News

How did the Pokemon Go Fest go wrong?
A lot of anticipation had built up for the recent Pokemon Go Fest in Chicago. Players from around the world booked flights and bought tickets to attend the one day event to celebrate the massive success that the mobile game had enjoyed over the last year. Help whetting the appetites of avid trainers was the sparkling lure of being able to capture the legendary Lugia during the event. Plus, there was the added bonus of rubbing shoulders with thous...
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Aug 18 2017
How the first Pokemon Go anniversary is being done right
Whether you're an online rpg or mobile game, reaching your first anniversary is always a reason to celebrate. Developing a video game takes tremendous effort, and quite a few games never reach their launch date. As there are now literally thousands of gaming options available to players, it's quite an achievement to have garnered a sufficient base to successfully get to being one year old. Niantic is celebrating the very first Pokemon Go annivers...
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Jun 20 2017
Pokemon Go anniversary events announced
This summer is going to be scorching for Pokemon Go players as the mobile game is celebrating several milestones. First is the fact that the game has been downloaded 750 million times, which is an astounding feat. Second is that the first Pokemon Go anniversary is close at hand, which will be celebrated in several ways.First up is the Pokemon Go Solstice Event that begins on June 13th. This in-game event will feature Fire and Ice-type Pokemon...
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Jun 08 2017
Pokemon Go Eggstravaganza
This Sunday marks the Easter holiday, which means that you'll see scores of young children looking for Easter eggs. Now players of mobile games can get into the action as Pokemon Go is offering their own take on the holiday. Niantic has announced that the Pokemon Go Eggstravaganza is now underway. This event features a greater variety of Pokemon that can now be found in 2 km Eggs, so it's time for players to get cracking and see what they can fin...
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Apr 13 2017
Pokemon Go Water Festival begins
Spring is in the air, which means that you won't freeze your buns off hitting the surf. It's also a great time to fire up Pokemon Go and venture outdoors to capture some more of those elusive critters. Now players of the mobile game can enjoy some increased chances of snagging some water-type Pokemon as the Pokemon Go Water Festival is now underway. It's time to put on those swimming trunks and flip-flops and head to the beach.A new developer...
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Mar 22 2017
2016 mmo review
Another year is in the books for the virtual worlds of online games. This has been an interesting year, with both some good and some bad. As always, a number of things that had been predicted for 2016 failed to come true while others did. Some interesting trends emerged over the last year, and we saw a cultural phenomenon take place in front of our very eyes. Before we ring in the new year, let's take a look back in our 2016 mmo review. Let's be...
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Jan 02 2017
December Pokemon Go update may add PvP and more
Some big changes may be coming to the Pokemon Go mobile game this December, which could be a huge game changer. While Pokemon Go started off blistering hot, earning more than $600 million in its first ninety days, it has cooled off quite a bit due to the limited options open for players after they've been playing the game for a bit. A lot of features that players have been looking for, such as the ability to trade with other players or engage in ...
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Nov 28 2016
Pokemon Go double xp and stardust
Niantic is getting ready to celebrate the massive success of Pokemon Go later this week, and they have ample reason to do so. The mobile game based upon the beloved franchise has been a cultural phenomenon as players from all over the world have gotten off their duffs and ventured outdoors to capture those elusive critters. The game has proven to be a financial windfall, generating $600 in revenue in its first 90 days. Now the developers are look...
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Nov 21 2016
How to watch The Game Awards 2016
Video games have definitely become a major component of mainstream culture. In the past, the gamer label was put upon children and teenagers but now it seems that everybody is a gamer. Many games now generate more revenue that the biggest Hollywood blockbusters, and millions of people fire up their consoles or log into their favorite mmo on a daily basis. Video games even now have an awards ceremony, The Game Awards, to hand out accolades to the ...
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Nov 21 2016
Pokemon Go revenue hits $600 million
Everybody knows that Pokemon Go has been a staggering success. While some point out that the mobile game is slowing down a bit, there is no denying the huge impact it has made, and we now have the numbers to confirm it. Market researcher App Annie has confirmed that Pokemon Go revenue has hit $600 million, and it did so faster than any other mobile game in history by completing the feat in just 90 days.App Annie looked at the total Pokemon Go...
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Oct 21 2016