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Pokemon Go is a mobile game developed and published by Niantic. It shares many similarities with Niantic's Ingress, a location based game launched a few years ago, but the theme makes the game unique and insanely popular. The real world gaming platform technology fits perfectly with the Pokemon story. The anime is about a group of friends who travel the world in search for creatures called Pokemons. These little beasts are trained to become ferocious fighters. Pokemon Go gameplay is all about going outside and catching Pokemons. The game uses GPS to create an accurate map of the real world. Pokemons spawn randomly and players have to travel to that location to catch them. Pokemon Go user interface shows the avatar, points of interest and Pokemons. The interface is very intuitive.

Just like many other iOS games, the game starts with character creation. There aren't many options but avatar customization is not one of the main Pokemon Go feature anyway. The starting Pokemons will spawn and players are able to catch one of them. This works as a mini tutorial that teaches players how to use a PokeBall to catch Pokemons. Those who want Pikachu as their first Pokemon can walk away from the first three and the little yellow creature will eventually appear. It doesn't really matter what Pokemon is chosen in the first place because they can all be found later in the open world. Pokemon Go encourages players to go out of the house and look for Pokemons and other useful items. PokeStops are real locations that once visited reward players with PokeBalls. Because the game is based on Ingress, many PokeStops are historical monuments, museums or various landmarks. This way Pokemon Go provides players with a great opportunity to learn a bit more about the world around them. The game has a function that allows players to catch Pokemons or to collect PokeStops rewards while being in a few meters range. It's not needed to walk into a building or trespass on a private property to play the game. Also, Pokemons don't disappear when someone catches them. All players in an area are able to get their Pokemons.

Players will be able to join a team as soon as they reach level five. There are three Pokemon Go teams. There's no benefit from joining a certain team. Players are invited to read team's description and select the one that appeals to them the most. Pokemon Go is one of the Android games that allow players to compete. Gyms are locations where Pokemons battle each other. A gym can be controlled by a team and this brings advantages to other team members. Medals are earned when completing special challenges. Pokemon Go is a free app with microtransactions.

By Rachel Rosen


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