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PES Club Manager is a football themed manager Android game developed and published by Konami Digital Entertainment. The game's goal is to recreate the challenges and the struggles experienced by real club managers. Developers used the same game engine that allowed the creation of PES 2015. PES Club Manager is built with the 3D graphic capabilities of Pro Evolution Soccer Console Game Engine. The game's graphics and atmosphere immerse players in a realistic game environment. Hardcore football fans will recognize some of the most popular footballers just by the way they move or perform actions on the field. PES Club Manager has an easy to use game interface.

The main PES Club Manager objective is to take a modest football club and transform it into one of the best teams in the world. Managers will carefully select from more than 5000 official football players when selecting members for their team. Each footballer featured in game is created to be as close to the real player as possible. They all have a unique play style and a set of special abilities but also disadvantages. Some really shine when given offensive positions while others are better on the defensive line. Player Management is a PES Club Manager system that implements an auction house where players can recruit footballers. Auctions take place in real time. The Youth Academy is a facility where future football stars are born. The scouting feature allows users to acquire young players while they are still in training. Footballers can be trained to upgrade their abilities. A team is as strong as its weakest player so managers should take training as a very serious matter. PES Club Manager is one of the iOS games with lots of users so a player's road to victory is more than a walk in the park. The game is designed to promote competition at a very high level. The football field is the arena where managers battle. Each PES Club Manager match is a tactical experience that allows players to give commands in real time. Players can change game strategy during matches using the intuitive user interface.

PES Club Manager is available in more than 10 different languages. English, French, Chinese, Spanish, German and Italian speaking players are given the chance to interact in a MMO environment and show off their football club managing skills. My Home Town feature is a PES Club Manager system that offers managers the opportunity to customize the town that houses their home stadium. Club house, youth academy, medical center and other buildings can be constructed in a home town. PES Club Manager challenges players with regular tournaments and football cups.

By Rachel Rosen

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