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Izanagi Gameplay First Look - Android - HD

Izanagi Gameplay First Look - Android - HD

Izanagi Online is an action role playing mobile game developed and published by Asobimo, a Japanese studio. The game was released in 2013 for the Japanese users. This didn't stop mobile action RPG fans from playing it even though there was no English game localization. Asobimo took note of the increasing English speaking playerbase and made Izanagi available for Western and EU markets as well. The game is regarded as one of the best mobile MMORPG titles that cater to Android and iOS gamers. Users can enjoy a Japanese themed story, RPG character development and activities designed for group play. Another aspect that distinguishes Izanagi from other games is the graphics style. Takashi Okazaki, the man behind Afro Samurai, created the game's characters.

The story introduces players to a land in turmoil. Monsters and other terrible creatures slowly started to take over the lands preventing citizens from carrying on with their peaceful lives. Talented individuals that possess martial arts skills are in great demand because they can help those that cannot defend themselves. Rulers have decided that the monster invasion must be stopped so four warriors are to be trained to take part in the final stand against the mighty beasts. Four playable classes are available to Izanagi players. The Assassin is an agile fighter that can dodge incoming attacks. The Cleric helps the group with healing and protective spells. Mages have unmatched destructive powers. Warriors fight in the front lines and keep the rest of the party safe. Izanagi classes have flexible character builts that allow players to develop different fighting styles by mixing and matching skills and abilities. Characters can be personalized by choosing from a large selection of Japanese inspired costumes. Izanagi is one of the iPad games that allow players to learn the game's story by completing quests. There are more than a 100 story missions that must be solved in order to get familiar with the lore. Some quests have multiple endings, it's up to players to take the final decisions that will impact Izanagi's world.

Izanagi is one of the Android games created with Unreal Engine 3. This gaming engine offered developers the possibility to create a 3D game world and action combat. During battles players will not only use abilities but also jump and dodge. Players can easily team up by making a new party or join an existing one. The global chat connects all Izanagi users. There's no initial cost for downloading the game, all users are invited to play for free for as long as they like. Microtransactions and premium features help developers update Izanagi with new content and fixes.

By Rachel Rosen


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