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HeroCraft Z is one of the mobile MMORPG titles developed and published by Ngames. Players assume the role of the Chosen One, a brave champion that must unite all heroes. The Dragon of Time senses that the world is in danger so he tasks the Chosen One with this mission. HeroCraft Z has a story campaign with different missions that each tell a part of the story. Multiplayer content such as co-op and PvP are also part of the gameplay. The main goal is to collect characters. There is an impressive hero roster that numbers at least 50 different champions. Each character has a set of talents and abilities. HeroCraft Z companions come from five different races. Human, Elf, Undead, Orc and Special are the available race categories. Each race has around 10 or even more companions.

Unity3D game engine allowed creators to design an impressive looking game world. One particularity that sets HeroCraft Z aside from other iOS games is the setting. The game borrows character names, locations and other story elements from World of Warcraft. Players that are familiar with WoW will recognize names like Arathi Basin, Eastern Plaguelands, Tirisfal or Warsong Gulch. Users create versatile play styles by assembling a team of multiple heroes. It's important to have companions with abilities that complement each other and allow the use of different combos. Mobs and bosses have different fighting styles so players have to know what heroes to bring to the battlefield depending on the encounter. Heroes are controlled with simple screen taps. For example, heroes can change their position by easily tapping the new location. Battle orders are issued in a similar manner. HeroCraft Z does not have complicated commands or mechanics so new players will quickly get used to it. PvE content tasks players with clearing dungeons. Each dungeon is a unique challenge. Players adventure in dungeons with multiple stages or difficulties. Timed events are part of the HeroCraft Z PvE content too. Some PvE events are available for a limited period of time or only on certain days.

HeroCraft Z is one of the Android games games that unifies the entire playerbase with cross platform servers that allow users to interact no matter they play the game from iOS or Android devices. This is a great HeroCraft Z feature especially for co-op events and PvP. The arena is the place where users meet to pit their teams against each other in exciting matches. Winners get not only glory but also all sorts of prizes. HeroCraft Z features real time combat and 3D battle action.

By Rachel Rosen

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