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    Game of War: Upgrade
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    Game of War: Upgrade

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    Game of War: Troops
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    Game of War: Resources
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    Game of War: Quest
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Game of War Gameplay First look - IOS & Android - HD

Game of War Gameplay First look - IOS & Android - HD

Game of War: Fire Age is a strategy MMO mobile game created and published by Machine Zone. The gameplay is centered on city building and social interaction. Players will have to obtain resources that are spent on building different types of facilities. Raising an army is another gameplay element. Permanent bonuses can be unlocked using the research feature. Game of War has very simple controls. Players will get used to the city building feature in no time. Just a few taps are all it takes to upgrade buildings. It takes a bit of time to finish the construction process. Those who want to speed things up have the option to use premium items.

Social interaction is another attractive Game of War feature. Players are invited to join forces against common enemies. Alliances are large social structures that allow like minded people to play the game as a team. There are many benefits that come with an alliance membership. One of the biggest guild accomplishments is the Alliance City. Powerful alliances get to build this city and acquire immense prestige. Game of War is one of the Android games that allow all users to interact no matter what language they speak. The game's chat system is built with a translator that facilitates players communication. There are 32 supported languages. A crafting system gives players the chance to improve their heroes with superior gear. High level heroes equipped with legendary armors and weapons stand a better chance in combat. Players are not restricted to a single city. They can govern over multiple kingdoms provided they have the resources and the military force to support such an empire. PvP battles are a common game activity and part of the reason Game of War is such a popular game.

One of the differences that set Game of War aside from other iPhone games is the marketing campaign. Machine Zone spent a most generous amount of 40 million dollars to popularize the game. Commercials can be seen everywhere in the online environment and also on TV. Videos promoting the game were aired during NFL Thursday Night Football and also during Super Bowl XLIX. Kate Upton, a famous model, was hired to advertise Game of War. She portraits the in game character Athena. The marketing campaign proved to be money well spent as the game is among the most downloaded apps and generates hundreds of millions of dollars as revenue. Pop icon Mariah Carey took over as the new Game of War promoter in 2015.

By Rachel Rosen


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