King Eric Takes the Throne in Empire Four Kingdoms

By Jeff Francis
Empire Four Kingdoms introduces King Eric

A new monarch has come to power in the Empire Four Kingdoms mobile game. Goodgame Studios announces that the reign of the Empire Four Kingdoms King Eric NPC has just begun, and his return to his rightful place will usher in a new era as well as a bunch of future content. The mobile mmo is celebrating the return of King Eric the Artisan with a new event for players to enjoy.

The bio of the Empire Four Kingdoms King Eric NPC reads, "Smuggled to safety as a young prince by Wilhelm after invaders stormed his family's castle, King Eric has returned to the Empire to reclaim his throne and unify the lands. At the beginning of the game, he recognizes the player's potential as a great leader and offers tutorial help, before leaving the rest of the training to his loyal companions Wilhelm and Sir Ulrich.

Known as 'The Artisan', the King has established a strong reputation as a builder of grand cities and communities, and his willingness to get his hands dirty makes him a king of the people. Although not particularly aggressive, the king loathes the threat posed by the Robber Barons and other enemies in the Empire and encourages the player to do what it takes to protect the lands."

The new Empire Four Kingdoms King Eric character will be a recurring one that will feature in later in-game events as well as future expansions. Mobile games players will enjoy the month-long event, King Eric's Challenge, where they can compete for exclusive rewards. Players will have to repel various invaders (NPCs), and the rewards get greater the more invaders are repelled. This event is suitable for all levels as the event will scale to the player's level. Also, four new decorations are being added to celebrate the addition of the Empire Four Kingdoms King Eric character. Two of these decorations can be purchased while the other two can be earned in the King Eric's Challenge. These decorations provide a production bonus within the castle.

All hail his majesty, King Eric!


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