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Ember Conflict is the first mobile game developed and published by Substantial Games. This development studio may be relatively young but the team is formed by talented programmers that previously worked with big names such as Electronic Arts and Gameloft. Substantial Games is currently based in Beijing and it's supported by Empowered Investment, a Chinese corporation specialized in funding indie startups. Ember Conflict is an action strategy game that pits players against each other in exciting matches. Game characters are controlled with hand gestures.

The game world is a blend of fantasy and sci fi. The realm of Ember Isles is a magnificent world that comes alive with 3D graphics and amazing landscapes. As leaders of a small army players have to manage all aspects from scouting for new units to giving battle orders. Substantial Games aimed to create a free iPad game with a unique gameplay that has no similarities with PC gaming. Ember Conflict is especially designed for mobile devices. At the same time, the development studio also wanted to implement a fair system of microtransactions that doesn't put free players at a disadvantage. Ember Conflict players obtain victories based on their skills and not on the size of their wallets. Another good things about the game is that it gives players the chance to get a fun experience no matter how long or short their gaming sessions might be. Player can login, take part in a quick five minutes fight and resume real life activities or spend hours customizing their Ember Conflict army. Commanders can recruit from 10 types of available units. There are more than 60 different types of equipment so players can change the way units behave in combat just by selecting another kind of gear. Ember Conflict units are given commands and controlled in battle with accurate line drawing gestures. There are no buttons to press.

Players are able to take part in PvP battles that are fought in real time. Ember Conflict MMO allows users to team up against other fellow gamers in fast paced 2 versus 2 battles. Players receive ratings based on their PvP performance. Ember Conflict has separate leaderboards for 1 vs. 1 and 2 vs. 2 PvP brackets. Everyplay is an useful feature that allows players to improve their game. This system permits matches to be recorded and shared with other users. It's a great way for new players to watch veterans play and learn tips and tricks. Tutorials can also be created with Everyplay as it allows users to embed comments. Ember Conflict is a good choice for those that are seeking tactical PvP gameplay.

By Rachel Rosen

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