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Dynasty War is one of the Android games developed and published by NGames. The RTS gameplay challenges players to build an army and test it in PvE or PvP battles. Dynasty War players are invited to take part in one of the three game modes: campaign (PvE), siege (PvP) or Warlord Tour (massive PvP tournament). Heroes play an important part as they represent the fighting force in players armies. An enhancement system allows players to train their heroes. New heroes with superior battle skills can be created by merging two existing champions. Players unlock heroes as they complete PvE and PvP activities. All three game modes have heroes on the rewards list.

Dynasty War has a PvE campaign with lots of missions. The story is based on events that took place during the age known as the Three Kingdoms Period. This Chinese setting seems to be extremely popular among the mobile games created by NGames. Some of the in game adventures are designed after real historical events that took place in that era. Story mode quests offer more than 120 cities that await to be conquered by players armies. Commanders are given at least 20 different units (heroes) that will be used to assemble a worthy fighting force. Army management is a continuous Dynasty War process as players will encounter stronger and stronger adversaries. Each won battle rewards players with resources. The best loot comes from conquering well defended fortresses that hide many riches behind their thick walls. Conquered lands help players expand their kingdom and increase their profit. Dynasty War map is a war theater that hosts PvP battles. Siege battles are Dynasty War PvP events that allow players to raid other cities. Players are free to attack each other at any time. Those who choose a more aggressive play style have to keep an eye on city defenses as well. Attacked players will most likely retaliate to take back their honor and loot. Resources are a compelling reason to raid other players.

Warlord Tour is a Dynasty War PvP event that disregards any regional boundaries and allows users to take part is large scale conflicts. The event can be entered without any resource cost. Warlord Tour participants are organized in battle groups based on their combat force. Dynasty War is one of the iPad games that promote fair player interaction in a balanced environment that offers equal chances to all players. Voice chat is one extremely handy feature because it allows quick user communication. The playerbase keeps expanding thanks to a referral system that rewards players who manage to convince their friends to play the game. Dynasty War is free to play so there is no reason not to give it a try.

By Rachel Rosen

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