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Brave Frontier Gameplay First Look - Android - HD

Brave Frontier Gameplay First Look - Android - HD

Brave Frontier is a mobile MMORPG developed by A-Lim and published by Gumi. Players get the chance to plunge into an epic adventure that takes place in the fantasy realm of Grand Gaia. The malicious god Maxwell and his armies are threatening to take over Grand Gaia and the player is the only worthy hero that can stop Maxwell. Users set on this quest as novice summoners and with training they will learn how to call demigods and other strong allies to help them in the final battle. New players start Brave Frontier by choosing a unit to control. There are six unit types but only four are available from the start. The other two are unlocked as players progress through the game. Brave Frontier is not extremely complicated and a handy tutorial explains basic features.

Brave Frontier units are aligned with an element such as: earth, water, thunder, fire, light and dark. A rock papers scissors system implements a fair set of strengths and weaknesses. Players must keep this system in mind when taking their team into battle. Brave Frontier PvE content and story missions are divided into stages that must be cleared in a certain order. Each stage contains different challenges and battles. Summoners can choose five units to accompany them as they clear stages. Brave Frontier is one of the iPhone games that encourage social interaction. This is done by giving players the chance to have one friend help them in battle. Starting players that might have their friends list empty are randomly paired with other users. Brave Frontier implements this system that connects players from all around the world and enables social gameplay. Each game stage or level ends with a boss battle. If successful, players are allowed to advance to the next challenge and they also receive all sorts of rewards like zel, various items, crystals and new units. From time to time, players obtain a special currency called gems. These gems are used to resume failed missions. Units can perform a special move called Brave Burst. This move can be a damage dealing attack or friendly healing spell. Brave Frontier has a training system that gives players the chance to upgrade their units.

Main quests are the primary PvE activity but there are tons of other exciting features. Special units can be recruited by those who complete Vortex Gate events. Brave Frontier is one of the Android games where players can take part in timed events to unlock challenging dungeons. Arena is a PvP battleground that allows users to engage in ranked matches. Frontier Hunter, daily tasks, raids and slot machine mini games are other features. Brave Frontier has colorful cartoony graphics and a bright fantasy art style.

By Rachel Rosen


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