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AdVenture Capitalist is an economic simulator free to play game developed and published by Hyper Hippo Games. It's available as an iOS game and also as an Android app. The game caters to a special category of gamers. AdVenture Capitalist is not about slaying monsters or character advancement, it's a strategy game that offers players the chance to develop their own business. Gameplay wise, AdVenture Capitalist is similar to browser strategy game like Ikariam or Grepolis. Players start from the bottom and they have to work their way to the top, expand their businesses and build an economic empire. Starting from the bottom means that young entrepreneurs are in charge of a tiny lemonade stand.

All game actions are easily performed with clicks or screen taps. Players should take note that all decisions must be planned. The lemonade stand turns out to be a very profitable starting business but this is just the beginning. More employees can be hired and upgrades to optimize the lemonade making process can be acquired. This will result in more customers and more money. Once AdVenture Capitalist players have some real profit it's time to think about opening more businesses. Attracting investors is another big part of AdVenture Capitalist. A well run business produces income even if the boss is offline. Players have the possibility to hire NPC managers that can take care of some tasks like collecting payments. The goal is to built a corporation that practically runs itself. Having different types of companies is also important because not all businesses produce the same profit. Managing as many businesses as possible is one good strategy. AdVenture Capitalist is one of the very popular Android games so new players have enough help (game wiki, forums, guides) if they ever get stuck. The game is fast paced at the beginning but, after a while, players will notice that the pace will become increasingly slower. When this happens, players have the chance to reset and start fresh. The trick is to attract enough Angel Investors to have an optimal new beginning. Veteran players who put time into AdVenture Capitalist will benefit the most from this option.

AdVenture Capitalist is a game played in rounds. A round ends when the player decides that it's time for a reset. Reset means that players are only left with investors and an insane amount of money from the previous rounds. AdVenture Capitalist is also available as a free MMO for PC on Steam and Kongregate distribution platforms.

By Rachel Rosen

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