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Zula is a free MMOFPS developed by Mad Byte Games and published by IDC/Games. This realistic shooter created by a Turkish studio gives players the chance to test their FPS skills on different maps inspired by real world locations. There are battlegrounds set in Istanbul, others take combatants to the Middle East and there are also Northern Iraq inspired maps. More than 10 unique maps are available and developers are committed to add more with future patches and updates. Each Zula map comes with a different challenge. The realistic graphics style is the first thing players will notice about this game that is based on a TV series. Zula players are presented with two factions. They have to choose a side before heading out to battle.

Gladyo and Zula are the two opposing game factions. Gladyo is a military alliance that has international connections. The other faction is the local militia who is determined to end Gladyo's dominance. Character customization continues with hero selection. There are sixteen available characters. Each soldier has a story to tell and comes from a different environment. Some of them are based on heroes featured in popular TV shows. Zula has a military theme so equipment and costumes resemble real items used by soldiers. Players will be glad to find out that the weapon selection numbers around 150 unique items. Zula is a free to play MMO with two types of currency. Money is in game currency and it's easily obtained by playing the game. Gold is premium currency available at the cash shop. There is little difference between gold and money in terms of functionality. Those who want to keep it free to play just have to work a bit more to acquire what premium members get with gold. Many useful rewards such as weapons and other items are acquired when winning matches. Special bonuses are available. Skill upgrade is an important part of the character enhancement process. Weapons support upgrades as well.

Players spend their time fighting in PvP matches or completing missions. Popular MMOFPS modes like team deathmatch or capture the flag are available. Zula has other scenarios such as wanted and free for all. Missions are a great way to get special rewards. The game has a mission system that allows players to team up. Zula social features include clans too. Tournaments with compelling prizes attract lots of players. The game has eSports features like player and clan ranking systems. Zula has nice graphics that don't require a high end GPU or an expensive computer.

By Rachel Rosen

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