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Zombies Monsters Robots Gameplay First Look - HD

Zombies Monsters Robots Gameplay First Look - HD

Zombies Monsters Robots (ZMR) is a third person shooter developed by Yingpei Games and published by En Masse Entertainment. Under their former name, Epic Games China, the development studio produced the well known free MMOFPS, Mercenary Ops. The story behind Zombies Monsters Robots is as simple as possible, planet Earth and all human life are in danger and players are required to become monster hunting heroes and save our world. It all started when human scientists developed and started using portals that allowed multi-dimensional travels and monsters from unknown universes invaded Earth.

Zombies Monsters Robots is a FPS MMO that pits players against almost all kinds of existing and known monsters. Giant reptiles, insectoid creatures, undead horrors and robots are just a few of the enemies that must to be put to eternal rest. Legions of lesser creatures guard powerful commanders. Boss fights are challenging but the loot and rewards are also better. Zombies Monsters Robots PvE content is divided into campaign missions and survival style scenarios. A team can have up to 8 members. Players must band together for co-op campaigns and gradually complete and unlock missions. Survival challenges require players to defeat waves of mobs and, in the end, engage in a boss fight. Killing mobs is not the only viable tactic, defenses and fortifications must be built to hold the monsters at bay so players don’t have to deal with too much opponents at a time. Player communication is crucial as team members must be assigned different tasks. Traps can harm both sides so players must learn how to avoid danger and use the environment to gain an advantage. This is also a good way to save some ammo not because ammo is scarce but there is a reward system for optimal reloading. Fighting mobs is always easier when the right gear is equipped. Zombies Monsters Robots offers players lots of customizable weapons and equipment.

PvP content allows users to compete against other Zombies Monsters Robots players in a variety of modes that support 16 combatants at a time. Besides classic modes that are common to most MMO shooter games, Zombies Monsters Robots features some original scenarios and mechanics. Mercs versus Monsters and Mech versus Mech are some of them. Some weapons are mode restricted. Players don’t need to worry about map variety as Zombies Monsters Robots has more than 60 different battleground maps. The game is free to play but there are premium items and features for players that want an easier game experience and to support Zombies Monsters Robots development.

By Rachel Rosen


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