World of Tanks Xbox 360 Edition rolls out February 12

By Michael Jamias
world of tanks xbox 360 edition release date

Only one week more before Xbox 360 fans join the action-packed, cross-platform community of World of Tanks.

Published by Microsoft and developed by Wargaming West (formerly Day 1 Studios), the World of Tanks Xbox 360 Edition will be available for digital download on February 12, a Wednesday.

It will be free to play for Xbox Live Gold account holders, but anyone with an Xbox Live account can experience the game through a free 7-day timed trial.

If you're a PC fan who wants the flexibility of being able to World of Tanks both on your desktop and on a console, the Xbox 360 edition has been optimised for couch-and-controller play.

According to developers, the Xbox 360 edition will have revamped mmofps controls, matchmaking, a new user interface, and other offline and online features that squeeze out the most functionality from the console.

The Xbox 360 edition has also been updated with the latest tanks from all three nations, so out of the box a player will have access to more than 100 iconic tanks across the United States, Germany and United Kingdom.

Like the PC version, the Xbox edition will also be updated with mmo content downloads in the future focusing on introducing new tanks, nations and features.


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