We tested World of Tanks, Xbox 360 edition

By Tam Mageean
world of tanks xbox

The world's most popular MMOFPS, World of Tanks, is making its way to Xbox 360. We were lucky enough to get some time in the test-turret at Eurogamer Expo 2013, to see how it compared with the PC edition.

Its important to note that World of Tanks is very much in its beta phase, has been for some time, and has had its Xbox release pushed back while they get the game up and running. Wargaming's aeronautical counterpart, World of Warplanes, has also been pushed back on PC while they perfect it, so it's very much in their taste to not put out a game until they are absolutely sure of it. The beta has received strong support and a decent amount of participants, who we got to test the game against in live online multi-player. If you are taking part in the beta and came across a series of players called Victor40 and the like; congrats! You were actually playing at the expo!

World of Tanks Eurogamer

As impressive as it was that the demo was live online (most of the other demos were LAN based) the game was still in a rudimentary form and the matchmaking was painstakingly slow between games. One guy in the queue said he'd waited earlier in the day for 20 minutes in a lobby before walking away. I personally waited for around 4-5, which is expected for a beta, but hopefully a leniency system will be implemented, to prevent such painstaking gaps between games.

The game itself was very smooth and it felt like gameplay hadn't been compromised to fit the titan of a game onto the Xbox 360. The maps were still huge and explorable and with plenty of terrain and features to hide your colossal tanks behind. The color palette felt warmer and brighter, but lacked some of the shiny textures that the PC version has. Team-play was really enjoyable, and due to the games remarkable speed, you could quickly swoop in and support an out-gunned team-mate. The choices of tanks was wide and varied, and will presumably follow the same micro-purchase model of its MMO compatriots.

World of Tanks Xbox 360

Although the game is still a work in progress, the Xbox 360 demo has shown, at least, that the game is staying very true to its PC origins and that console players can play this version with confidence, knowing that it will be as synonymous with the original as possible.

Interested? Wargaming are still open to more beta testers! Sign up here.


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