World of Tanks developer Wargaming acquires Gas Powered Games

By Michael Jamias
world of tanks wargaming acquires gas powered games

Wargaming comes to the rescue of Gas Powered Games and its titles, and absorb some of its staff including CEO and company founder Chris Taylor.

In a release, the free to play mmo developer and publisher Wargaming said it has decided to acquire and have full ownership of Gas Powered Games as part of its strategic  “multiplatform expansion.” Wargaming has slowly and surely bulking up in size with other recent acquisitions of Chicago-based Day 1 Studios and mmo middleware provider Big World Pty Ltd.

Wargaming CEO Victor Kislyi believes that Gas Powered Games offers “heritage and development pedigree” that made it a strong addition to the company, which has been growing fast due to the recent success of its title World of Tanks.

World of Tanks has become a worldwide fps mmo hit, counting 50 million players in just under a year of releasing back in April 2011. Wargaming is planning to follow up with two other free online rpg games – World of Warplanes and World of Warships – both slated for release sometime this year.

Wargaming currently employs 1,400 people in developing and publishing content for World of Tanks and its other titles across the North America, Europe, Russia, Asia and Australia regions. Gas Powered Games CEO Chris Taylor said “our experience and expertise will help us contribute even more to Wargaming’s global success.”


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