World of Tanks Players Raise Nearly $85,000 for War Child Charity

By Jeff Francis
World of Tanks War Child charity drive

While not often heralded, gamers are a generous crowd that often donates to various charities. Last year, Wargaming decided to partner with the War Child charity to raise funds that will help children who have been affected by war. A World of Tanks War Child charity drive was begun, in which players of the popular mmofps could buy special emblems and packages. A full 100% of Wargaming's share was given to War Child, and they are now proud to report that $84,8000 was raised.

Richard Cutland, the Head of Military Relations at Wargaming, said the following of the World of Tanks War Child charity drive, "As a retired soldier I have witnessed first-hand the remarkable and invaluable work that War Child do in areas affected by conflict. I am extremely proud of both Wargaming and our fabulous community for supporting this incredible and invaluable charity."

Markus Schill, General Manager Europe, added the following about the Wargaming War Child charity effort, "The relief and support War Child is providing to the weakest and most vulnerable victims of war – our children – has been truly inspirational for everyone at Wargaming. Through our support of museums we are striving to help preserve the memory and knowledge about armoured warfare and to raise awareness for the reality that real war is not a game. It is very humbling for us to see just how supportive of War Child’s immensely important work our community is and it is an honour for us to make this contribution in their name today."

The World of Tanks War Child charity drive may be over, but you can still contribute to the charity directly here. We wish to offer our sincere appreciation to all those mmo fps players for supporting such a worthy charity. War Child works hard around the world to help children who have been affected by the many conflicts now raging across the globe. It is our hope that the money raised by this Wargaming War Child charity drive will make a difference.


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