World of Tanks announces weekly tournament

By Tam Mageean
world of tanks tournament

With a new year comes new years resolutions, and the mmo masters at Wargaming seem to have picked out theirs already; play more tournaments!

At the turn of 2014, World of Tanks will be hosting an tournament, every single week, to keep those barrels warm and get players in the fighting spirit.

From Thursday through to Sunday, every week from January, you and 6 of your friends will be able to form a battalion, and engage in a World of Tanks Weekend Warfare Tournament. There will be 2 tournaments; an early from 1300 PST and a late from 1900 PST, each week, to accommodate for your time zone and each will feature a 32 team bracket and piles of gold for the victors. The top 3 will earn 1000, 800 and 700 Gold respectively.

With the event being hosted weekly, hopefully it will shed some light on the prospects of building a regular casual league for the military mmofps, but now news yet on the future of Weekend Warfare.

The first team to accrue 3 wins, across the 10 minute rounds, will be pushed through to the next tier, until only one platoon of tanks is left standing.

If you think you and your friends have got what it takes, grouped together and apply for the big weekly battle here. The first 32 teams to apply for each will get their placement, so apply now, before it's too late!


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