World of Tanks Players Can Unlock Free T25 Pilot Tank

By Jeff Francis
World of Tanks T25 Pilot tank promotion

There are few things better in gaming than rumbling across the battlefield in your powerful tank and blowing your opponents into smithereens. Now World of Tanks is giving players another reason to log into the mmofps and dive into some battles. Players can earn themselves a free World of Tanks T25 Pilot tank just for doing daily missions in a new promotional event that begins today.

World of Tanks T25 Pilot

The World of Tanks T25 Pilot is a Tier VIII medium tank, and players can score it for free by completing 13 daily missions. However, there is a catch. This event starts today and lasts through March 27th, and a single mission for gaining the free tank will be available per day. This means that gamers will have 15 chances to complete the required 13 World of Tanks daily missions to snag themselves the T25 Pilot.

Players who find themselves unable to log in and complete all 13 missions to get the free World of Tanks T25 Pilot do have another option available to them. The mmo fps is selling mission completions in their Premium Shop. A single mission completion will set you back $2.49 while buying 5 mission completions will cost $12.45. If a player just wants to skip doing the World of Tanks daily missions completely, they can buy all 13 completions for $32.37. Evidently, there's no discount for buying the larger packages. Still, players do have the opportunity to get the T25 Pilot for free.


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