World of Tanks Super Bowl Commercials Totally Blow Things Up

By Jeff Francis
World of Tanks Super Bowl commercials

Last night saw an historic Super Bowl played between the Atlanta Falcons and New England Patriots, which ended in either despair or elation depending upon the team you were rooting for. One of the highlights for most viewers is to watch the commercials that are shown and cost an estimated $5 million to air for a 30 second spot. In the past, companies trotted out some very innovative and funny commercials, but the crop of commercials over the last few years have been pretty bad. However, it was fun seeing Arnold Schwarzenegger hawk a mobile game and shouting "Get to the choppa!" to hark back to Predator. That being said, the World of Tanks Super Bowl commercials were the highlight of the night and really blew things up. Literally.

The first of the World of Tanks Super Bowl commercials that aired was one based upon the Tiny House movement and a staple on home improvement channels. Seeing such a tiny house was cute, but my joy went up to ten seeing the tank rumble in and crush it flat. Kudos to the director for having the garden gnome getting squashed as well. The follow-up World of Tanks Super Bowl commercial parodied those insipid Real Housewives shows that seem to drain your very soul by watching them. Again, a tank came to the rescue by crashing through the wall and sending the arguing women scattering.

There are two other World of Tanks Super Bowl commercials that I did not see, and they are shown below. My personal favorite is the Stiffedra one. Overall, it's refreshing to see an actual mmo advertise during such a huge event. I hope the money spent will be worth it over the long haul as you're looking at a cool $10 million in air time, not to mention the costs for creating the ads.

What did you think of the World of Tanks Super Bowl commercials? Let us know in the comments below.


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