World of Tanks Reveals New Game Modes

By Jeff Francis
World of Tanks new game modes

A lot of new gameplay features are coming to World of Tanks in the coming year. Players hungry for new challenges for this mmofps will definitely have something to look forward to. While has already released some details, such as the upgraded hi-res models for some of the more popular tanks, they have also just released a new dev diary where World of Tanks reveals new game modes.

The mmofps realizes that the size of the current game world isn't large enough as most provinces are controlled by a few top clans and that most clans are unable to win a land in tournament. Thus a new feature called fortification will be introduced and every clan of a certain size can get a fortification. Clans will use resources to build buildings within their fortification to gain bonuses in areas such as xp and currency. Players will also be able to ransack fortifications held by rival clans in World of Tanks and must defend their own.

Other new game modes will include artillery strikes, reconnaissance, the ability to construct pillboxes, and lay mines on the battlefield. An anticipated new mode is the ability to take part in historical battles, such as the Battle of Kursk or the Battle of the Bulge. To keep battles even, the stats for tanks will be changed from the normal game mode, especially hit points. Players will have to use the tanks that were actually used in the battles and will have no choice in their choice of ammunition. Still, the emphasis will be on fun for the players. Overall, there are some interesting new game modes coming down the pipe in 2014 for players.



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