World of Tanks chieftain reveals Matilda II tank's history and make

By Michael Jamias
world of tanks matilda ii history make

World of Tanks chieftain Nicholas Moran lets us in on what makes the Matilda II tank a tough nut to crack in the battlefield.

The secret to the Matilda II is its especially thick armor that made it a formidable British infantry tank and a counter to a lot of German tanks. Because of her sturdier make and small size, Matilda II was basically only vulnerable to artillery fire or air barrage.

Watch this Inside the Chieftain's Hatch episode for Matilda II:

Moran also takes time to explain the history behind Matilda II, from how the tank got her name and why it sports its iconic light bluish-brown camouflage. Apparently the tank was really supposed to be more of a grayish-brown!

We also got a look at the individual parts of the Matilda II, which will make modders in the mmofps extra happy. Moran pointed out details that will help fans paint and customize their own Matilda II tanks in-game. One of the main draws in World of Tanks is that mmo fans can extensively tinker with their tanks to suit their visual and combat tastes.

This video is only the first part of two, with the second installment promising to delve deeper into the tank parts and the systems behind it.


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