World of Tanks launches in Korea as Update 8.2 rolls out

By Michael Jamias
world of tanks korea update 8 2

After a well-received testing period, free to play mmo World of Tanks plunges into one of the most hardcore Asian gaming markets.

“Following the results of the recent Supertest stage, the game will be available for players with the recently unveiled Update 8.2, introducing a pack of brand new American and British steel machines,” said World of Tanks developer and publisher Wargaming.

Wargaming has been holding the World of Tanks Supertest for the Korean market from December 3 to 20, reportedly attracting over 60,000 players and scoring “highly positive feedback from Korean testers who showed continuous interest in action-packed armored gameplay.”

World of Tanks will be officially available to Korean players from December 27, 2012.

The Korean release of the military tank mmo fps coincides with the recent release of Update 8.2, which introduced five new US machines featuring autoloaders and oscillating turrets. The update also additions to its premium vehicle roster, including the British TOG II prototype heavy tank, the heavily armed AT-15À heavy TD, and the French FCM 50t heavy tank said to have mightily impressive speed characteristics.

Update 8.2 was expected to also carry the highly anticipated new Chinese tanks, but Wargaming has pushed back their launch to the next update, presumably releasing early 2013.


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