Japanese war machines headed for World of Tanks

By Michael Jamias
world of tanks japanese tanks

If you think samurais are deadly, wait till you command these heavy armored vehicles from The Land of Rising Sun.

Wargaming has confirmed that Japanese models have been polished enough to join the fps mmo. Specifically, the armored Japanese tanks designed and made during the mid-20th century will be featured in World of Tanks. During that era, their tough armor plates made them fearsome demolishers in the battlefield, and extra resilient but still amazingly mobile.

Curious about how these new war machines perform in the actual field of combat? Well then watch this Japanese tank tree trailer:

Ah, cherry blossoms. You know you're in a dramatic fight when you have delicate flower leaves falling to the ground while mechanical beasts are dueling to the death.

But anyway, back to the Japanese tanks! Wargaming said the newly added line -- the 7th so nation thus far to be added in the World of Tanks -- will have two branches with nine medium and five light machines.

MMO tank pilots can choose from iconic models such as the Chi-Ri prototype, which is notable for being the first post-war Japanese design Type 61; the light Type 95 Ha-Go; and the medium Chi-Ha tanks. Meanwhile the late-1950s made Type 64 (STB-1) will become the Tier 10 medium model.


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