World of Tanks just got more realistic with new Havok physics engine

By Michael Jamias
world of tanks havok physics engine

World of Tanks physics was already impressive to begin with for a tank warfare MMOFPS, but it just leapfrogged into a whole higher tier of complexity with its new Havok physics engine.

Watch the World of Tanks Developer Diaries - Physics video below that shows the impressive level of realistic object behavior developers have achieved with the new technology:

Basically, the World of Tanks Havok physics engine, which activates soon, will allow for more realistic building destruction and vehicle movement. Most of the improvements are server-side, so you won't even have to upgrade your gaming rig or download a humongous MMO patch update.

When you bombard a building, it should blow up with pieces flying into the air, shatter into a million bricks or topple over like a domino depending on a lot of factors: What the building is made of, where the building was hit, the type of ammo used, the angle of the projectile and many other real-world physics factors that are now considered into the destruction animation.

Vehicles will also behave differently depending on terrain they move on. Even the behaviour of turrets from destroyed tanks has been improved, enabling the possibility of hilariously awesome flying turret deaths.

Even the way trucks move when pushed has been calibrated to exacting detail. Looking forward, developers tease that the tank rpg could allow the destruction of large buildings and the ability of tanks to turn over when falling from high ledges.


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