World of Tanks graphics update boosts tank polygon count to 50,000

By Michael Jamias
world of tanks graphics update

World of Tanks is about to get more gorgeously realistic, if developers deliver on what they promise with the upcoming World of Tanks graphics update.

As discussed in the World of Tanks graphics update video below, tank pilots will get an array of eye candy in the form of new special effects, more precisely rendered tank models and immersive fps mmo battlefields that take snow, rain and even wind into consideration.

To give a sense of the graphics leap involved, when World of Tanks first started the tanks were made up of around 8,000 polygons. These days some of the more intricate tanks consist of 18,000 polygons. But with the graphics update, the mmo will soon be filled with tanks of 50,000 polygons, with some even reaching 100,000 polygons.

"High-polygonal detailing is needed to smooth all the roundish surfaces to the point when they don't resemble a pencil anymore," said developers. Hence, no more wonky-looking tank parts.

The World of Tanks team is using an assemblage of new tech and processes to achieve these visual improvements, such as an advanced texture mapping system and the use a 3D scanner to accurately record and rebuild tank models. In fact, tanks are becoming less and less a product of imaginative creative work and more a result of meticulous reconstruction. They claim some World of Tanks models are now more realistic than even the actual museum displays.

The graphics update will also be able to reflect the wear and tear from constant use.

The environment also gets a big boost. Everything from buildings, surfaces, water to rocks will benefit from the higher polygonal count. New and improved effects will also be introduced to make smoke, fire, wind and snow behave and display more realistically. These will not only make the game look prettier, but can also impact gameplay as a sudden downpour or snow storm can reduce disability, making for a more excitingly unpredictable battlefield.


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