World of Tanks loads up Confrontation mode

By Michael Jamias
world of tanks confrontation mode release

Wargaming has begun releasing the new nation vs. nation Confrontation mode for World of Tanks.

In what will be a three-day phased rollout, the Confrontation mode has been launched today in Europe and Russia. Asian fans will then get their hands on the mode starting tomorrow, February 12. And finally on Friday, February 13, it completes the worldwide launch by debuting on North America and South Korea.

Confrontation mode is described by developers as a "new experimental combat mode" which groups MMO players with vehicles from a specific nation into a team that faces off against a comparable opposing squad with vehicles from a different nation.

This new nation vs. nation mode will be available for machines of all tiers and balancing weights, but with the exception of Japanese and Chinese tanks. Developers warn though that the initial rollout phase might not be as smooth sailing because the mode is still undergoing the usual MMOFPS balance tweaks.

Still, Wargaming has made Confrontation mode the core feature in its latest Update 8.11, so we're confident that it will get ample attention from the balancing team.

The rest of Update 8.11 introduces a new European winter battle arena, Windstorm; the revamped version of Ruinberg, now featuring rainfall and fires; and a reworked Himmelsdorf with winter setting.


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