British invasion commences in World of Tanks with release of Update 8.1

By Michael Jamias
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World of Tanks update 8.1 adds the British line of armored vehicles which promise to shake up the power balance in the mmofps.

The newly added British national tech tree contains 22 of the finest models from the Royal Tank Corps spread out across the three main tank classes, according to World of Tanks developer Wargaming.

“The infantry/cavalry concept of the British armored warfare has been modified to fit into World of Tanks' three class system of light, medium, and heavy machines. The slow and clunky but powerfully gunned and thickly armoured British heavy tanks can rival the vast majority of top tier machines, while the fast yet firepower lacking medium and light tanks can prove to be invaluable for scouting in combat,” added Wargaming.

Besides the familiar Matilda, Valentine, and Churchill models that are present in the game as the Soviet Lend-lease premiums, the British line will also offer tech modifications for the Black Prince, Vickers and Cruiser tanks.

The British tech tree is diverse enough to provide a suitable tank for each combat role in the fps mmo. For armored vehicle pilots, there are agile cruiser tanks such as the Covenanter, Crusader, Cromwell, and the Comet. Meanwhile, the Medium branch is topped with two modifications of the Centurion tank, while the top tier heavies include the maneuverable Caernarvon, the powerful Conqueror, and the intimidating FV215.

Update 8.1 also sprinkled in much-need mmo improvements such as an overhauled rendering system for Province, El Halluf, Dragon Ridge, and Abbey battling arenas, as well as an expanded list of premium vehicles which now includes the Soviet SU-122-44, the German Pz IV Schmalturm VI, and the Panther M10.


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