World of Tanks fires out a weekend event

By Tam Mageean
world of tanks beta event

Since summer 2013, World of Tanks has been intermittently showing off its arsenal in the lesser traveled realm of console mmo gaming, and today, they announced that they had another beta event in the breach. The Xbox beta has been impressively smooth; with beta testers even participating in the 2013 expo tour, as online targets for con-goers and journalists.

Wargaming have announced that a new World of Tanks event will be arriving on the Xbox 360 open beta this weekend.

From today until Sunday evening, the hills will be alive with the sound of artillery fire and flak cannons, as the mmofps cranks out its 'Thrill of the Hunt' campaign.

In Thrill of the Hunt, there'll be savings galore; with silver discounts of up to 50% on a range of tanks, from class III all the way up to class VIII.

There'll also be an enormous five-times multiplier on crew experience, which will give you a huge advantage over anyone who doesn't attend the event.

No news yet on if there will be any player bonuses, challenges or competitions in the pipeline, but following the somewhat lackluster Winter Extravaganza event; which was predominantly a sale, hopefully some more gameplay oriented events will be on their way for the console version, as the PC version of the mmo is beginning to run circles around it, in terms of event-driven content.


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