World of Tanks 3rd Anniversary Events Announced

By Jeff Francis
World of Tanks 3rd anniversary

It's hard to believe that it's been a full three years since World of Tanks burst onto the mmofps scene. Since then, millions of players have rumbled across virtual battlefields as their tanks slugged it out against many armored opponents. Starting today, there will be a number of events held by the game in honor of this occasion. There's something for every tank commander as you can see as announced the various World of Tanks 3rd anniversary events.

World of Tanks 3rd anniversary

Players will earn x5 experience for their first win. For those looking to save some coin, there's a 50% discount on equipment, consumables, garage slots, and crew training. There's also a 15% discount on six month and twelve month premium accounts. A number of vehicles are discounted as well. You can save 30% on the TOG II and the PzKpfw IV S, and a full 50% off the M22 Locust, T-127, PzKpfw S35 739(f), T-25, Type 3 Chi-Nu Kai, Matilda Black Prince, and the Ram II. Lastly, there are four new missions available for players.

The free mmofps is hosting an "On the Line" special anniversary livestream today from 4-5pm PST on at The hosts for this event are Pico Mause, Tzar_Ivan, and GunLion, all of whom will be interacting with fans with a live Q&A. They're also giving away prizes, such as in in-game gold, J!NX t-shirts, and Logitech gear, such as the G430 Headset and G6023 Mouse.  It  looks like it'll be a blitzkrieg of fun for World of Tanks as they celebrate their third anniversary.


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